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€461 840
1 bedroom 138 sq.m
A stunning and luxurious development located in Al Mujah, adjacent to Oman's only 18-hole world class golf course. Complex...
€508 024
1 bedroom 70 sq.m
A premium residential project is under construction in Muscat, Oman. The project will be located in a prime location on the seafront in the prestigious Shatti Al Qurum area....
€187 415
1 bedroom 58 sq.m
Luxury Residences with Water Views
€184 736
1 bedroom 49 sq.m
A new multi-storey residential complex in the elite AIDA project. In the heart of Muscat, on top of a hill 130 meters above the sea.
€402 724
3 bedrooms 125 sq.m
A new sensational project in Muscat from an international developer. The luxury complex is advantageously located 20 minutes' drive from Muscat, at...
€369 472
1 bedroom 54 sq.m
The luxury residential development is being built adjacent to six kilometers of pristine coastline on the Sea of Oman, in the heart of Muscat. From...
€166 262
1 bedroom 54 sq.m
The eco-friendly city of Yiti, designed and built exclusively within the framework of modern principles and requirements for environmental friendliness and meets the most...
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